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Regal 52 SC and Regal 46 SC - Florida

Welcome to The Cruising Club Fractional Boat Ownership Program, brought to you in conjunction with the Regal range of luxury cruisers. Now you can secure 10% or 20% ownership of a superb new Regal 52 SC or 46 SC cruiser, and relax and enjoy your own boat and the luxury of our professional boat management service for between 27 and 57 days every year, and receive a pro-rata refund of the resale value when the boat is sold in future!

Yes, that's right… a new 52 SC or 46 SC for just 10% of the list price. You only pay 10% of the annual maintenance costs as well.

Featured Regal 52 SC at prime marine locations in Florida such as Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Tampa/St. Petersburg and Jacksonville:

Regal 52 SC - 10% Ownership only $139,890

Regal 52 SCAesthetically, the Regal 52 SC carries forward the cutting-edge design cues created in the latest generation of Regal designs - including crisp, clean lines and an enclosed cockpit with large, retractable sunroof - while incorporating all the key features that have taken the latest generation of Regal cruisers to the next level. All propelled with remarkable fuel efficiency by the latest in Volvo 600 IPS technology featuring Joystick control for ease of maneuvering and docking.

You'll also enjoy a huge lounger with aft backrest that opens to further expand the sun pad, a wet bar and cockpit TV, streamlined salon and galley below, part of a free flowing interior that features accent lighting, entertainment system with larg flatscreen TV and surround sound audio system. When it's time to call it a night, the sumptuous full width master stateroom awaits.

Call +1-954-397-1185 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up an appointment to see this boat so you can own your share of the water today!

Featured Regal 46 SC at similar prime marine locations in Florida and Texas:

Regal 4 6SC - 10% Ownership only $99,890

Regal 46 SCThe Regal 46 SC is destined to be an instant classic. Packed stem to stern with leading design features and innovations, including Volvo 500 IPS pod drives with helm joystick for stress-free docking. Plus, there is an enclosed helm and cockpit area with retractable sunroof, and built in grill and TV, which offers the ultimate in weather protection and climate control. This luxurious Regal will change the way you enjoy boating forever, and at a price that is now truly affordable.

You'll also enjoy a sizable fore and aft sunpad, while downstairs the spacious salon features a galley suite full of appliances – microwave, oven, stove, refrigerator/freezer - plus amazing work and storage space, while the inviting master stateroom forward and twin berth aft offer bright and roomy accommodation for the most discerning of boating connoisseurs.

Call +1-954-397-1185 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up an appointment to see this boat we you can own your share of the water today!

How The Cruising Club Fractional Boat Ownership Program Works:

The Cruising Club Fractional Equity program has been designed to provide an individual, family or corporation with ownership and walk-on, walk-off use of a new luxury vessel, either 20% or 10% equity, for between 27 and 57 days every year for the life of the boat. Ongoing vessel management, maintenance, insurance, cleaning and berthing are provided by The Cruising Club and billed to each fractional owner on a pro-rata basis according to the equity percentage owned.

An individual, family, business or group of friends can now purchase and own one or more fractional equity units, securing a substantial lifestyle improvement for many years to come, at a fraction of the usual cost. When approaching the end of its practical life, the boat is listed for sale and proceeds from the sale are distributed to each owner according to equity held. Anticipated life of most vessels is between four and seven years depending on the vessel size.

Each fractional owner submits a list of preferred daily use dates prior to each four month booking season, which are then allocated according to preference by the vessel management company, which confirms all bookings in writing. A member can plan a boating vacation months in advance based on bookings confirmed by the management company, or can book at the last minute through the member's 'standby' system. Unlimited standby booking requests, in excess of each owner's standard entitlement, can be made up to 7 days in advance and with no less than 24 hours notice. The cost for each standby booking varies according to the vessel in which the equity is held, and provides an ongoing contribution to the vessel owner’s contingency fund.

Every boat is fully maintained all year round by the local The Cruising Club representative and is kept ready for owner's use at all times. The total cost of marina, insurance, maintenance and management is divided among the members and is payable annually in either monthly or four monthly instalments. A pre-paid maintenance contribution may also be required to be lodged with the management company by each fractional member. Consumables such as fuel are paid by each fractional member daily as used.

Each fractional equity owner receives a driver skills training course and must pass a skills test prior to using the vessel without an accompanying skipper on board. Skipper services are available on request. Incoming fractional equity applicants are also subject to a stringent due diligence procedure prior to equity allocation.

For considerably less than the deposit required to finance the purchase of the whole boat, and with no ongoing finance payments and a substantially reduced maintenance cost, you can now own and use a spectacular Regal 52 SC or 42 SC at The Cruising Club location in Florida or at a new location coming near you as our network grows.

Call +1-954-397-1185 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get more information or to set up an appointment to see this boat today!