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Global Boating – Vessel Exchange Network

The Global Boating Vessel Exchange Network was first incorporated in Australia in 2004 to facilitate the exchange of The Cruising Club fractional boat members' days, between boats at different locations around Australia.

About The Cruising Club - Shared Fractional Boat Ownership - Sydney - Florida - Panama The concept and booking system has since been developed internationally and expanded to incorporate vessels at other international boating locations. The new network is ready to be launched worldwide in 2012.

Members who own developer or fractional equity in an affiliated vessel will have access to the Global Boating exchange request calendar, and for a small annual subscription, and a ‘per day’ exchange fee, have the option to apply for access to other affiliated vessels at alternative prime boating locations throughout the world.

Vessel access days which are deposited onto the exchange network, are allocated a point value according to the size, value and quality of the member’s vessel, as are the access days which are withdrawn by the exchanging member. Based on the number of points deposited by the exchanging member, a smaller, similar or larger vessel may be used at an alternative location.

The Global Boating Vessel Exchange Network may also be accessed by owners of qualifying and affiliated large, luxury vessels – private or charter - who wish to exchange time on board their own vessel, for time on another vessel in an alternative location. All affiliated vessels are inspected annually to ensure that Global Boating quality standards, which are required for annual affiliation renewal, are maintained to the highest level.

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