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The Cruising Club Fractional Boat Fleet

The Cruising Club Fleet - NISI YachtsThe Cruising Club Fractional Boat Ownership offers residual vessel equity in 10%, 20%, 50% and 100% packages, from a range of approved vessel manufacturers, from 40ft to 135ft+ in length, and at a number of locations internationally.

The Cruising Club Vessel Developer program provides those with the inclinational and financial ability to completely purchase 100% of a luxury cruiser of yacht, with the opportunity to incorporate their asset in accordance with The Cruising Club fractional system, and thus receive a 100% return of their vessel acquisition cost - plus the priority opportunity to develop a replacement or larger vessel - from the sale of fractional equity in their fractional vessel syndicate. We also 'fractional' our Vessel Development business, for those with 50% of the money they need to acquire the boat of their dreams - or who have enough to buy a smaller vessel, but who would like to enjoy something larger for the same cost - by offering Vessel Co-Developer positions in some fractional locations.

The Cruising Club Fractional Equity Membership program offers 10% and 20% Fractional Equity positions in a range of vessels at various franchise or company operated locations.

The Cruising Club Fleet - IAG 100A 10% equity holder is entitled to 27+ days use of their selected boat, every year for the life of the vessel, plus unlimited standby access each year, and receives a pro-rata refund from the vessel resale at the end of its useful life. A monthly vessel maintenance and management fee is levied per vessel equity share, which includes a pro-rata share of the vessel insurance, marina slip, cleaning, maintenance, bookings, accounting, management, customer service, while the fuel, consumables, additional crew or provisions and standby booking fees (if using additional standby access time) are paid for as used by each individual member. A 20% equity holder is similarly entitled to use 57+ days every year for the life of the vessel. Vessel life is set at an absolute minimum of 3 years, but can be extended by majority decision of the members and management company, until resale or replacement of the vessel becomes a more viable alternative.

2012 Fractional Boat Syndicate examples for the USA include the following vessels: